Black Lives Matter.

Black lives matter. TCBF stands in mourning, in outrage, and in solidarity  with the outcry that has come in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and follows in a long line of black men and women who have been harassed, detained and killed by an organization that has sworn to protect communities they serve. 

As storytellers, our choice is to either uphold or help to dismantle the underlying injustices we see in the world. We encourage all members of the Boston theatre community to take action and show your support for our black and POC friends and colleagues by uplifting their voices now and in our rehearsal rooms, production meetings, offices and performance spaces. 

To show our support, TCBF is suspending our direct fundraising activities this week. We ask that anyone who was intending to support the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund this week to direct their donation to the following organizations instead:

·         NAACP

·         Black Lives Matter (Boston Chapter)

·         The Massachusetts Bail Relief 

·         Black and Pink 

·         Violence in Boston 

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