2019 Boston Theater Marathon A Success

Once again, the theater community came together to support our theaters, artists and TCBF by participating in and attending the Boston Theater Marathon XXI (BTM). Evening attendance was down from last year due to a certain series finale but a good time was still had by all.

We can’t possibly thank Kate Snodgrass and the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (BPT) enough for producing the Marathon each year. The BPT panel reviews submissions of over 400 new scripts each year and pares that number down to 50 for the Marathon. We also noticed increased visibility this year regarding advertising about the Marathon and support of TCBF by the BPT. And thanks to those patrons who also stopped by to make donations at the TCBF table throughout the day. Congratulations and much appreciation to all involved: we look forward to seeing all of the exciting new works in 2020!

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